Coaching & Development, Leadership & Culture, Performance | Aug 14, 2020
The QPR Manager discusses his ever-evolving approach to coaching and the future of football post-coronavirus.

“I hear people bemoan the fact that we’ve all gone soft,” says Mark Warburton, the Manager of Queens Park Rangers. “No we haven’t.”

Warburton is tackling the pressing question of managing Generation Z athletes and quickly comes to their defence.

“We’ve just adapted as a society and it’s the dinosaurs who don’t change who will be left behind.”

Gen Z was just one of the topics in a broad discussion as the QPR Manager sat down with Leaders Founder and CEO Jimmy Worrall on the eve of Rangers’ pre-season.

Also on the agenda were:

– The unintended consequences of sport’s lockdown [6:00];

– Why support staffs are too often ‘top heavy’ in the modern game [11:30];

– Warburton’s approach to risk and reward as informed by his former career as a trader [20:30];

– His thoughts on the future of football below the top tier [26:30].

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