Human Performance, Performance | Nov 11, 2019
Jon Coyles of MLB and Bob Lenaghan of the MLBPA discuss the development of one of pro sport's finest anti-doping programs.

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“By some we’re viewed as a world leader and by many we’re viewed as a model program – something to base their own programs off of.”

By John Portch

Jon Coyles, the Vice President of Drug, Health & Safety Programs at Major League Baseball speaks with considerable pride at the status of MLB’s anti-doping program, which is one of the most stringent and transparent in sport.

Coyles is joined in conversation by Bob Lenaghan, Assistant General Counsel at the MLBPA, who work in conjunction with MLB to deliver a program that supports, educates and protects ballplayers when using supplements. The duo delve into the characteristics that define their anti-doping program.

Also on the agenda were:

  • How MLB and the MLBPA work with NSF Certified for Sport® to reduce the risk and offer support to players [16:00];
  • The ways that athletes can reduce the risk of consuming contaminated products [20:30];
  • Advice that Coyles and Lenaghan would give to other professional sports [24:15];
  • Where anti-doping is going in the next 5-10 years [27:00]

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