Performance | Feb 20, 2018
How Totum Sport can help athletes can reduce lactate production during training and performance.

Can blood lactate levels be controlled during training and performance? As this special announcement reveals, there is new research to suggest Totum Sport natural supplements can significantly reduce lactate production in athletes. Read on to learn more about this unique product.

Controlling blood lactate levels, the lactic acid produced in an athlete’s muscles, is the Holy Grail of sports supplements.

Now, new research for Totum Sport proves that by supplementing with the full spectrum of bioavailable minerals and trace elements, in the right proportions, athletes can significantly reduce lactate production.

Consequently, they maintain speed and strength for maximum performance, and reduce the risk of cramps and muscle injuries.

Delivering additional energy, as in sports energy drinks, is transient and creates its own problems. Increasing blood sugar spikes insulin and can cause other issues such as stomach cramps.

A better way to increase performance is to regulate the utilisation of existing energy stores, already in reserve in the body. This is achieved by increasing the body’s efficiency in using stored energy.

In a research paper, published in the latest Biology of Sport journal, the blood lactate levels of Totum Sport test athletes’ increased 46% less, when the body became dehydrated by just 2%, than it did in the placebo group.

Totum Sport is a 100% natural sports supplement that gives complete cellular hydration. It is a unique liquid supplement, created from mineral-rich seawater, which nourishes and hydrates the body with 78 minerals and trace elements in the exact proportions the body’s cells need.

The recent sports biology research proves that Totum Sport significantly delays the switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism. This means glucose is utilised much more efficiently, producing 38 ATP per molecule instead of just two ATP per molecule (ATP is the currency of energy in a cell).

When a wide range of minerals and trace elements are recognised for their role in energy metabolism, supplementing with the full spectrum of elements will maximise athletic efficiency and performance.


The 78 bioavailable minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions in Totum Sport also help maintain hydration.

Mineral interdependency is key, according to CEO John Kelleher; the fact that minerals do not work in isolation, but rely the presence of other minerals and trace elements to deliver complete hydration and all its benefits.

He says: “Traditional sports supplements are made up of a few major vitamins and minerals. Totum Sport works very differently, replacing all 78 minerals and trace elements that athletes lose, in the right proportion, so they get all the benefits of complete hydration, like enhanced stamina and focus, fast recovery, no cramps and better overall health.”

Dehydration is a common issue for athletes. Given that people do not perceive thirst until they are already 2% dehydrated, there is potential for 10% lost performance. At an elite sporting level, this is significant.

When hydration is maintained for longer, and the body functions at a higher level for the same level of dehydration, athletes using Totum Sport have double the advantage over athletes who aren’t using it.

These advantages translate into more strength, speed and stamina during performance.

Recovery is also considerably enhanced, partly due to reduced lactate production during activity, and also because the mineral-rich supplement enhances the replenishment of glycogen stores and muscle recovery.

Many elite athletes report that Totum Sport abolishes Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, on top of enhanced performance.

Totum Sport is a 100% organic and natural, clean and safe sports nutrition product. Created from mineral-rich sea water, Totum Sport is a remarkable nutrition supplement that was actually first developed 125 years ago.

It is marketed in Ireland by Galway-based Sports Hydration company, Cellnutrition Sport.

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