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Performance Journal: Issue 08

Brian Cashman on Organizational Alignment and ‘Dancing on the Needle of Success’

For our cover feature for this edition, Performance speaks to Brian Cashman, General Manager of the New York Yankees, to discuss how a strong leader can encourage people to gravitate towards activities and decisions that are in alignment with their philosophy.

We’ve also collected insights into coaching world-class soccer players and swimmers. We asked the US Women’s National Soccer Team Head Coach how she led her team to triumph through adversity and spoke to the Head Coach of US Women’s Olympic Swimming Team on the art of delivering world-class feedback.

Elsewhere in this edition, you will find learnings from England & Wales Cricket Board’s Director of Cricket about how to ready the mind for performance, how Athletic Club de Bilbao continues to compete at the highest level despite only recruiting talent from the local region and finally some thoughts from elite coaches on how best to train the Millennial generation.

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