Human Performance, Performance | Oct 14, 2021
As part of the Leaders Performance Institute Athlete Optimisation Series, and in partnership with Science in Sport, we bring you Winning With Nutrition.

Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together

The Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius – Communiter – Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together – resonates with all who work in high performance.

‘Together’ was added prior to the Tokyo Games and, in the aftermath of the Olympics and Paralympics, it is pertinent for those of us involved at the coalface of elite sport to extend our reflections on what ‘together’ really means for our own daily practice.

Indeed, with the attainment of each medal or new world record, not only do we recognise the athlete’s remarkable achievements and years of sacrifice, but also the tireless and forensic work of the support team who have contributed to that specific moment of peak performance.

Whilst the specifics of each performance programme are, of course, unique to each sport, it has often been the traditional sub-disciplines of sport science and medicine (e.g. physiology, psychology, biomechanics etc) that have provided the starting point of creating a multidisciplinary support team.

Accordingly, the typical vocational roles emerging from the ‘ologist’ approach to supporting performance led to the rise of the sport physician, sport physiologist, sport psychologist, physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach, performance analyst and, of particular interest to this Special Report, the performance nutritionist.

Over the course of From Paper to Podium or Winning With Nutrition or Fuelling Success we hope to demonstrate that the performance nutritionist is an essential member of your team.

We begin in chapter one, where I make the case for placing nutrition at the heart of multidisciplinary performance support models.

In chapter two, we turn to the performance director’s perspective, as told by Sir Dave Brailsford, a performance leader who has long appreciated the role of nutrition in both Olympic and professional sport.

In chapter three, we bring together practitioners at NBA champions the Milwaukee Bucks, NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, and English Premier league club Aston Villa to deliver their considerations when implementing a performance nutrition strategy.

In chapter four, I collate a selection of athlete perspectives on how and where nutrition has impacted their performance.

Finally, in chapter five, we detail the scientist’s perspective, where Professor Louise Burke, one of the world’s leading practicing sport dietitians, discusses her journey of 40 years of evidence-based practice.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this Special Report and that the messages contained within will positively affect your programme. Above all, I would encourage you to remember that the pursuit of ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ can only be achieved by working ‘Together’.

James Morton, Director of Performance Solutions, Science in Sport

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