Leadership & Culture, Performance | Apr 22, 2020
The Head Coach of the England men's rugby union team says there are opportunities to be found for leaders during sport's enforced shutdown.

Eddie Jones, the Head Coach of the England men’s rugby union team, is a firm admirer of Liverpool FC’s Jürgen Klopp.

“I watch Klopp coach and he definitely adds something to his team,” says Jones, who regularly cites other leaders whom he finds inspirational in sport and beyond.

“When he’s out there at Liverpool’s home ground, [the players and supporters] want someone energetic; someone who understands the psyche of that team.”

Jones pauses to reflect on his leadership style and the importance of personal energy in the second episode of our new minseries of podcasts brought to you today by our co-hosts Matthew Stone, Leaders’ Senior Product Manager, and sports psychologist and consultant Michael Caulfield, whose clients include Brentford FC, Northampton Saints RFC and Hampshire CCC.

At Home With Leaders brings you a wealth of guests drawn from across sports performance to explore how they are adapting to the new normal, attempting to thrive and contribute to the eventual reboot of the sports performance landscape.

From the temporary office he has set up in a Tokyo hotel, Jones discussed topics including:

– Why he is trying to improve his communication skills during sport’s shutdown [2:45];

– Judging the balance between retaining control as a leader and giving people autonomy [6:55];

– Why the shutdown represents a chance to reinvent significant elements of rugby [10:56];

-The dangers for young coaches who ignore their intuition [21:45];

– What books he is currently reading and also what he is watching on Netflix [26:05].

Michael Caulfield: Twitter | LinkedIn

Matthew Stone: Twitter | LinkedIn

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