Coaching / Development, Leadership & Culture, Performance, Summit Session | Mar 13, 2019
Cody Royle, Author of Where Others Won't & Head Coach of AFL Team Canada shares his thoughts on how to better utilise intelligence throughout your organisation to enhance performance.

In this session we heard lessons from both the worlds of sport and business to better understand how to nurture team dynamics and create a competitive advantage through optimizing the talent of your people, as well as your talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimizing talent shouldn’t stop with athletes, it needs to extend to your coaches and staff too.
  • How can we take better care of ourselves? If we can do that, we can take better care of those in our organisation.
  • Asking a question on self care in interviews and the recruitment process can be useful. How do you take care of yourself? How can we as an organisation help with that?
  • Cross-departmental sharing of intelligence is impactful and important. Especially within the realms of mental performance. Training in the corporate team could well have knock on effects in time with the athletes. An aligned organisation.

Thinking Points

  1. Talent optimization doesn’t stop with our athletes, it must extend to the coaches and support staff around them. As coaches, we must ask ourselves how we can take better care of ourselves, so that we can take better care of those in our charge.
  2. Adding a ‘coach of the coaches’ can help provide a performance framework that takes what we already know about athlete performance and re-apply it to us.
  3. With the increase of behind-the-scenes media, the pitfalls of not paying attention to our own wellbeing are becoming more visible for those outside your organization. Be the lead story on ESPN for the right reasons, not because you’ve reached breaking point.
  4. Taking this idea further, are there opportunities for us to take our performance intelligence and apply it to other departments across our organization? Could mental performance training for the Group Ticket Sales team have a knock-on effect for the success of our athletes?
  5. ‘Embedded optimization’ allows us to be a high performance organization. Why can’t we have a job interview question: “How do you plan on taking care of yourself, and how can we help you with that?”


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