Coaching / Development Summit Session Talent ID & Recruitment | 20.11.15

Summit Session: The Art of Coaching and Developing

Taking Talent to the Next Level

Andy Papathanassiou
Director of Human Performance, Hendrick Motorsport

Lucy Skilbeck
Director of Acting Training, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Guy Claxton
Cognitive Scientist & Visiting Professor, Kings College London

No matter what industry, developing people is integral to success and the principles of good coaching and learning can be applied anywhere. This panel brings a NASCAR pitcrew coach, an elite director from dramatic arts and an expert in creating world class learning environments to discuss differences and similarities in their approaches to developing elite talent. From ten second pit stops to dramatic on stage productions, this is a unique insight into feedback, developing learning power and taking talent to the next level.



Leaders Meet: Wellbeing

21 May 2019

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