Human Performance, Performance | Apr 17, 2019
The New York Giants S&C Coach explains why time is of the essence in NFL strength training and why athlete education around their performance regimens is essential.

Welcome to the second episode in our new series of podcasts from the Leaders Performance Institute and our partners Keiser.

By John Portch

In this second episode, Leaders Performance Institute Editor John Portch caught up with Aaron Wellman.

Aaron is the Strength & Conditioning Coach of the New York Giants.

His arrival at the Giants saw him overhaul the team’s offseason and in-season training regimens and the result was a significant decrease in season-ending injuries suffered by Giants’ players.

The team’s practice facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is fully stocked with Keiser equipment.

Coming up, you’ll hear Aaron delve into the goals of his S&C program and the importance of conveying a clear message.

Also up for discussion were:

  • The absence of absolutes in S&C beyond pure physics – athletes are people, not machines [3:30];
  • Aaron’s desire for players to ask ‘why?’ [4:00];
  • Mitigating the time constraints and inability to build chronic workloads in the NFL [12:10];
  • The difference between designing regimens for student-athletes and professional football players [16:10];
  • Why the timing of an NFL bye week can have a significant impact on performance [22:20].

Previous Episode:

The Keiser Series Podcast: Episode 1 – Jimmy Pritchard

For nearly four decades, Keiser has influenced the training of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts worldwide with better fitness products that unite both components of human performance: the force you produce, and the speed at which you produce it.

More than 80% of the top professional sports teams in the world now train on Keiser machines, including every baseball team in the major leagues, the soccer champions of nine countries, several American football champions and countless Olympians.

They’re joined by everyone from NASA to Navy SEALs, medical experts and rehabilitation specialists, and major gyms like LA Fitness.

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