Governance & Commercial Growth Sport Business | 3.11.17

5 Minutes with Leaders: Crane Kenney, Chicago Cubs

MLB World Series success and what it means for business, with Chicago Cubs President Crane Kenney.

The Houston Astros celebrated their first World Series title this week, and the front office will already be hard at work on ensuring a solid strategy for translating on-field glory into a sustainable off-field uplift.

They could do a lot worse than to look at the Chicago Cubs for inspiration. A 108-year title drought was ended last year as the Cubs became 2016 World Series champions.

Crane Kenney, the Cubs’ President, delivered a stand-out talk at the Leaders Sport Business Summit in New York this March. Interviewed backstage at the summit, Kenney detailed the impact that winning the World Series in 2016 had had on the direction and perception of the club going; how recent success had transformed its partnership strategy; touched on plans for international growth; and explained how the Cubs are striving to marry the traditions of the club with the modern fan experience.

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