Brand Engagement, Sports Marketing | Feb 26, 2018
Octagon Head of UK Joel Seymour-Hyde on the three trends gripping the sports industry and why VR and AR could make the biggest impact.

Joel Seymour-Hyde is Head of UK at agency heavyweight Octagon. Based in the global firm’s London officer, the Briton oversees the sports investments of Octagon’s various sports marketing clients.

Having joined Octagon in 2007, Seymour-Hyde has been both a participant in and an active observer of the rapid evolution of the sports marketing industry over the last decade. No longer considered rudimentary, unscientific and behind-the-curve in marketing circles, sports sponsorship, Seymour-Hyde believes, is now the arena for some of the most interesting innovations in marketing.

Interviewed backstage at Leaders Week in London in October 2017, Seymour-Hyde pinpoints the ‘holy trinity of trends’ that are dominating contemporary sports marketing conversations, explains why he expects to see VR and AR integrated into activations more plentifully and more inventively in the near future, and tackles the question as to whether brands are brave enough to truly innovate head on.

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