Sponsorship, Sport Business, Sports Marketing | Mar 28, 2019
Octagon's Head of UK on the commercial challenge and opportunities of a year without a traditional mega-event.

Octagon Head of UK Joel Seymour-Hyde discusses the commercial challenge and opportunities of a year without a traditional mega-event, how content creation units are being incorporated into agencies, and esports sponsorship investments.

In conversation backstage at Leaders Week London 2018, Seymour-Hyde provided his observations on the agency ebb and flow in a year with no men’s FIFA World Cup or Olympic Games and the fragmented media landscape and how agencies like Octagon are responding and anticipating that client challenge. Octagon, he explains, now describes itself as a creative agency working in sport rather than a sponsorship agency, doing ‘work’ for clients as opposed to ‘activation’.

He also discusses the continuing rise of non-endemic brands, such as Mastercard, Domino’s Pizza, Toyota and T-Mobile, in and around professional esports teams and events and why the next step – evidence-based success stories – is the next crucial moment in esports’ commercial maturity.

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