Digital & Media, Future Trends | Mar 8, 2017
The shifting broadcasting landscape

There’s a crackle of excitement – and some trepidation – sweeping the sports industry. New technologies, new platforms, new distribution methods, and a reinvigorated rights market are shifting the sports broadcast landscape like never before.

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Distributed content – a digital story
The TV era as we know it is over. Content producers and distributors alike are adapting to a new era, a new environment, and a whole new world of possibilities.

The Netflix of sport
As the world’s leading digital native organisations – Twitter, Facebook, Amazon et al – wake up to the possibilities of sports rights, we ask, what exactly do people mean when they call a service or company the ‘Netflix of sport’?

Adapt and grow
The reports of the death of big broadcasters are exaggerated. Nevertheless, key players across the industry can sense change coming and are evolving their offerings to include a range of digital assets in the constant chase for their quarry: the audience.

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