Digital, Future Trends | Jun 15, 2018
The latest in direct-to-consumer sports offerings.

Technological advances and changing consumer habits have meant that streaming is now a viable primary screen option for live sports broadcasting.

Technical delivery challenges still abound, and piracy remains a threat, but an atmosphere of potential cataclysmic disruption across the sports industry has developed into an environment of huge opportunity for sport and its many stakeholders.

For rights holders looking to maintain and enhance the value of their media rights, the downtick in traditional linear broadcast audiences has been assuaged by the entrance of exciting new players into the market. The digital giants – the likes of Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter – have come to the table, and a new wave of digital sports broadcasters – Eleven and DAZN at the forefront – are now challenging for premium rights in the same aggressive manner that cable operators have been for the last two or three decades.

Furthermore, a strategy for building out a sport or competition-specific direct-to-consumer offering, at a reasonable cost and price point, is now almost essential for any sporting rights holder around the world.

For the so-called ‘traditional’ linear broadcasters, OTT is now another branch in their offerings, and the challenge now is to balance the economics and the demands of the the different demographics that they serve.

For the wave of new digital players, many of which still have the element of strategic surprise on their side, the potential for using broadcast consumption data to refine product, pricing, commercialisation and more is tantalising.

The industry has changed, and stands on the cusp of another great leap.

Download the latest Leaders Special Report today for a state-of-the-game review of world sport’s OTT landscape: the various strategic paths being pursued by rights holders, and an in-depth case study – the rights strategy, the technical approach, the culture, vision, and product – on arguably the most aggressive and exciting disruptive force in broadcasting.

This report has been produced by Leaders with the support of DAZN. The report is free to download and requires a basic set of details. We will not share these details with any third party, but if you’re happy for us to share them with DAZN – and DAZN alone – then please do tick the box where prompted.

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