Brand Engagement, Governance, The XX Series | Jul 27, 2017
Kayleigh Grieve on the drivers behind the Together #WePlayStrong campaign.

UEFA has a bold ambition: to make football the number one women’s sport across Europe by 2020.

To that end, football’s European governing body this year launched its most comprehensive, wide-reaching effort to grow participation and involvement in the game among women.

Going live ahead of this year’s Women’s Champions League final between Lyon and PSG, the Together #WePlayStrong campaign aims to transform perceptions around women’s football and encourage girls to take up and continue playing the game.

Backed up by academic research and making use of a wide-range of media platforms, influencers, and cross-stakeholder support, the campaign will include specific toolkits and support offered to UEFA’s 55 member associations.

In the video, speaking ahead of the Women’s UEFA European Championships – currently being played out across the Netherlands – UEFA’s Women’s Football Marketing Manager Kayleigh Grieve outlined some of the key drivers behind the campaign

Kayleigh Grieve was speaking at the Leaders Generation XX Series Think Tank event in June. The Leaders Generation XX Series is designed to provide a year-round platform to discuss and stimulate growth in women’s sport ─ forging better understanding and connections between sport and business to develop the conversation and accelerate the pace of change. This will be done through a series of physical events and regular online content.

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