Generation XX Series Governance | 8.09.17

Does women’s sport need its ‘disruptive’ moment?

A bold embrace of change could reap dividends.

In an era of rapid technological advancement and shifting consumer expectations, the sports and entertainment landscape is transitioning from one propelled by passive consumption to one fuelled by interactive platforms and opportunities for engagement.

On a wider societal level, ‘disruptor’ companies, driven by technology and innovative business practices, are revolutionising entire sectors. Arguably, though, sport remains undisrupted, despite the burgeoning popularity of esports and the buzz surrounding Amazon’s launch into sports broadcasting. The major events, major leagues, major organisations and the business models and revenue streams that underpin them have not changed significantly since sport first became commercialised.

But perhaps some segments of the sports industry – those areas currently not enjoying the same levels of media interest and funding – would be better off in a post-disruption environment?

That was the question posed to Sally Horrox, Managing Partner of strategic sports sponsorship consultancy Y Sport, at the Leaders Generation XX Series think tank event in June.

Y Sport specialises in the identification and activation of commercial opportunities in women’s sport, and Horrox believes that a paradigm shift, and a whole-hearted embrace of digital communication platforms, is needed for women’s sport to progress.

Sally Horrox was speaking at the Leaders Generation XX Series Think Tank event in June. Sally is the Managing Partner of Y-Sport who are supporters of the Generation XX Series. The Leaders Generation XX Series is designed to provide a year-round platform to discuss and stimulate growth in women’s sport ─ forging better understanding and connections between sport and business to develop the conversation and accelerate the pace of change. This will be done through a series of physical events and regular online content.


Monday 2 October 2017

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