Governance Growth | 21.07.16

Battling the Issue of Growth vs Heritage

Klaus Filbry, SV Werder Bremen

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Klaus Filbry is the CEO of Werder Bremen one of the top clubs in the Bundesliga. He started his career as a footballer and then moved to Adidas where he reached VP of Global Football Management. In 2010 he joined Werder Bremen as CEO and runs all marketing, commercial, management and financial aspects of the team.

In this video Klaus looks at the issue facing Bundesliga clubs such appealing to foreign investment with the *50 +1 rule and broadcasting restructures.



*In Germany, there is the “50 + 1” rule, whereby the association or club has to have a controlling stake, commercial interests can’t gain control, In Bayern Munich, for example, Audi and Adidas each own 9% but the rest is controlled by the members via the club.

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