Broadcast, Digital, Digital & Media, Future Trends, Sport Business | Jun 22, 2021

A 4-step guide to updating the sport watching experience for the post-pandemic era.

The pandemic struck, the lockdowns started, and sport stopped. At least for a little while. Media and marketing departments scrambled to fill the content gap, getting creative in the use of archive content, bespoke commentaries, and athlete access; resource was funnelled into digital innovation projects, accelerating the trends and developments that were already underway.

Then sport returned, hermetically sealed in empty venues – and with new camera angles and new audio options to compensate for the eerie atmosphere – and we turned to technology to keep us informed, entertained, distracted and connected.

But now that fans are being welcomed back into venues again, what will the post-pandemic viewing experience look like? What new developments will we keep? What will we take with us from the home back into the venue? And what does personalisation look like in a new hybrid era?

This guide has been produced by Leaders with the support of Verizon Media. The guide is free to access and requires a basic set of details. We will not share these details with any third party, but if you’re happy for us to share them with Verizon Media – and Verizon Media alone – then please tick the box where prompted.

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