• We have launched a new partnership with Play it Green. Their unique 3 step approach to sustainability is about educating people to change their behaviour whilst beginning to repair the planet as well as give back to good causes focused on environmental and societal impact.
    • As part of our commitment to the partnership we are;
      • Sharing key information to educate our attendees on how they can take more sustainable action in relation to our event, which you can view here.
      • Planting a tree for every attendee, partner and speaker who attends Leaders Week. You can donate trees to our garden here to further offset your travel to the event.
      • Donating 10% of the tree planting fund to City Harvest London and The Felix Project to aid more sustainable food practices.


    • Our food menu, provided by Twickenham, will feature an increased number of plant-based options. In addition, food products (whether plant or meat based) will travel a shorter distance from the source and will be sourced from local businesses.
    • We are catering per head so we expect less food wastage, however any leftover food will be donated to City Harvest London and The Felix Project via the existing partnership they have with Twickenham Stadium.
    • We have removed all single use plastic at the event, including cups and cutlery. Glassware will be provided for use at several hydration stations, plus we will be giving away over 1,000 reusable water bottles. All cutlery will be metal, and recycle bins will be present across the event.



  • We are an e-ticket only event reducing the use of paper onsite.
  • All information regarding the event is available via our event app. No paper programs or other information will be printed.
  • Where possible we have invested in reusable hardware for repeated signage year on year to minimise the amount of waste post event.


Our travel and accommodation partner, Travel Places, is a leading ambassador for sustainability within the group travel sector. With ISO 20121:2012 certification for Sustainable Event Management, Travel Places works closely with a global network of suppliers to help design group travel using the most sustainable processes, enabling its clients to make better decisions, reduce emissions and work with travel providers with shared values and beliefs.

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