Sport Business, Stadia / Venue | Feb 2, 2018
A new era for stadium design, fan engagement, and revenue generation.

A state-of-the-art new stadium project in the modern era of sports and entertainment is likely to be a billion-dollar-plus endeavour. The stakes have never been higher.

Venue operators are working in an increasingly competitive landscape, but fundamentally, the objective remains the same: attract consumers to the venue, offer them a range of content, experiences and amenities that will engage and delight, keep them there for as long as possible, and make sure they want to come back.

The need to provide a range of premium fan experiences and to generate as much revenue as possible has never been greater. A modern sporting venue is not simply a seat and a sightline to the action on the pitch or the court; it’s a multipurpose entertainment complex with a range of different amenities, features, and diversions – a range of different experiences at a range of different price points. In the sports business era, stadiums are physical assets to sweat, to be made to work for the bottom line more effectively on matchdays, and more frequently and multifariously on non-matchdays.

Naturally enough, the planning process behind the business modelling, design, and build of any modern venue is increasingly sophisticated. And it pays to get it right.

According to Bryan Trubey, EVP and Director of Sports and Entertainment at HKS, the global design firm responsible for some of the most ground-breaking venues of recent years, including the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, and the venue for this year’s Super Bowl, the Minnesota Vikings’ US Bank Stadium, the best recipe for a successful stadium is to: ‘Take a generous portion of collaborative spirit between client and designer; add a layer of entrepreneurship; blend carefully with rigorous data analysis and financial modelling; and fold in intuition and design flair to allow all the ingredients to work together harmoniously.’

Download the latest Leaders Report for free today for a comprehensive assessment of the latest innovations being deployed in stadium design and redevelopment across the world over the next five years, and for cutting-edge insight into how revenue-based design is helping to supercharge the fan experience.

This report has been produced by Leaders with the support of HKS. The report is free to download and requires a basic set of details. We will not share these details with any third party, but if you’re happy for us to share them with HKS – and HKS alone – then please do tick the box where prompted.


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