Digital & Media, Future Trends, Sport Business | Nov 4, 2021

Former Liverpool FC CEO discusses his transition from life at the top of the Premier League to leading the sports division at Unity; the new ways of working as we emerge from the pandemic; and how Unity is poised to drive and take advantage of the metaverse.

Peter Moore, one of global sport’s most experienced executives, recently gave the Leaders Week London audience a comprehensive explanation of Unity’s vision – the San Francisco-based business which he joined in January, and how the organisation is set to shake up how sport is consumed in the future through real-world content, experienced in 3D.

Following his presentation at Twickenham Stadium, Moore joined us behind the scenes to reflect on his personal sports industry story – which included occupying leading roles at EA Sports and Liverpool FC – and shared what’s he’s excited about as Unity rolls out its sports solutions.

“We’re in the sweet spot of where the world is going. We’re positioned uniquely on the rising tide of the metaverse as the world moves to 3D.” Peter Moore

On the conversational menu with Leaders Editor-at-Large James Emmett:

  • Where Unity is in its post-pandemic recovery process and how the organisation is striving to encourage collaboration amongst teams in the new working world (0.26 – 3:37)
  • The milestone moments for the organisation as the world and Unity emerges from the pandemic (3:50 – 6:38)
  • His transition from Liverpool FC to Unity – the journey in between – and how Liverpudlian traits have paved the way for success (6:50-11:37)
  • Going out on a high at Liverpool FC following three incredibly successful seasons (12:00 – 13:56)
  • What he’s most looking forward to with Unity and how the organisation is poised to drive and take advantage of the metaverse (14:00 – 17:46)


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