Broadcast, Digital & Media, Diversity, Leaders Podcast, Sport Business | Oct 6, 2021

Behind the scenes at Leaders Week, London.

David Cushnan and James Emmett are joined by Nielsen Sports’ Samantha Lamberti to review the action from a barnstorming return to face-to-face conferencing at the first day of the Leaders Sport Business Summit in London.

On the agenda:

  • The buzz on the conference floor; and re-learning how to network;
  • The big themes from the day: change, change, and more change;
  • The huge momentum behind women’s sport as new research indicates that 21% of UK adults follow more women’s sport than they did 18 months ago;
  • HBSE’s Josh Harris, Sky Sports’ Jo Osborne, and Unity’s Peter Moore;
  • NFTs, and the new wave of technological innovations sweeping sport and the conference halls;
  • How evolving consumer habits, new technologies, and creative approaches to monetisation are changing the way we produce and consumer sport.
  • What’s coming up on Thursday at Leaders.



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