Future Trends, Governance & Commercial Growth, Growth, Sport Business | Apr 24, 2020
Liga MX sets a course for the next five years.

Mexico’s top domestic soccer league has suspended promotion and relegation in a response to the global Covid-19 crisis.

Liga MX President Enrique Bonilla confirmed that a vote among the owners of the 18 teams that make up the league had resulted in the decision to suspend promotion and relegation from and to the second tier for the next five seasons. Annual payments of 2 million pesos to the teams in the second tier are part of the deal.

The decision is unique – so far – among the world’s top soccer leagues, and, though it has been met with some criticism already from players and fans, will increase the stability on which owners and club executives can plan their operations as the global crisis continues.

It is also another step towards the fully closed league employed by Major League Soccer in the US. Both leagues have discussed a potential merged product in recent years.

Speaking behind the scenes at the Leaders Sport Business Summit in London in October last year, Liga MX Director of Operations Victor Guevara spelled out the number one objective for the league: to capture both the Mexican and US markets, satisfying fans in both countries.

In this short video, he talks about the league’s goals as Mexico – alongside the US and Canada – heads towards the hosting of the 2026 FIFA World Cup.


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