Membership Application Criteria and Guidance

The Leaders Club is for those earlier in their career than C-Suite level, but are ambitious to progress and want to grow their network, develop career critical relationships and accelerate the personal and professional development. 

We want aspiring leaders who are curious and invested in their own personal development, and are energetic and willing to contribute to the community. 

We select a new cohort of 100 members to the Club on 15 March, 15 June, 15 October, and 15 DecemberGet in touch here to start your application.


To be a member you must work in the sports industry and meet one of the following criteria: 

// You’re a line-manager, or have previously managed people or teams. 

// You’re a leader of projects in a matrix management structure. 

// You’re a high performing individual contributor  

We want members who share the following attributes:

// Growth-minded – Be invested in your own personal development. 

// Proactive – Be willing to contribute to the community. 

// Open – Be open to new ideas, opportunities and all members. 

// Curious – Be curious about other members.


Criteria Notes
You work in the sports industry. We’re committed to helping our members create career critical relationships within the sports industry and therefore you must work for a rights holder, broadcaster, brand, agency or service provider to the sports industry, to be eligible to join. We want to create a world where collaboration delivers success and drives the sports industry forward and therefore The Leaders Club is non job-function specific.
You’re a line-manager, or have previously managed people or teams // You’re a leader of projects in a matrix management structure // You’re a high performing individual contributor. We’re focused on creating a new generation of leaders, who are equipped to catylse positive change in the industry. As many of our events are focused on skills development we want members to be able to learn and share with others who are experiencing similar leadership journey’s, to make the learning as rich as possible. You’re a high performing individual contributor. If members aren’t managing people then they’re responsible for a certain function within a team or own projects. They’re often collaborating across functions and teams, using their experience and specialised skills to influence others without having positional authority.


Attributes Notes
Growth-minded We want members who don’t stand still and are looking for change – they want to progress their career, extend their influence, broaden their network and advance their knowledge.
Proactive The power of the community is built on the collective knowledge, experiences and expertise of its members – the more members contribute, the more value everyone receives.
Open The more you give, the more you get back – we want to create the perfect conditions for members to find new opportunities, new ideas and new perspectives.
Curious Observe, learn and discover – to help members find the best conversations and best connections we want them to be curious about each other.


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