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We curate weekly newsletters for executives focused on the business of sport and for high performance practitioners working with athletes and teams.

Helping you win off the field
For those focused on the business of sport
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What can you expect?

  • A personally curated guide to what’s going on inside the global business of sport and why
  • Worth Knowing covers emerging trends, innovation in all its forms, noteworthy deals, appointments, openings, and decisions
  • It will connect the dots between what’s happening in sport and the people in boardrooms and offices around the world making it happen
  • The only weekly guide you need for business critical information and personal and professional development alike
Helping you win on the field
For those working with an athlete or elite team
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What can you expect?

  • Resources and learning materials from The Leaders Performance Institute to further athlete and team performance
  • Thought leadership and stories from visionary head coaches, managers and team principles
  • Actionable insight from department specialists leading winning teams across the high-performance ecosystem
  • Opportunities to experience The Leaders Performance Institute Membership as our complimentary guest