Effective performance planning and strategy is a foundational piece of any high performing organisation. To ultimately reach the end goal, there a number of different factors to get right – purpose, preparation, alignment and debriefing to name a few. It’s a process that takes time, intent and consistency.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

At the Summit will focus on unpicking approaches around preparation and planning, how this transitioned into execution, but also what the learnings were along the journey to take forward to the next competition.


Leadership and culture often go hand in hand. A key role for leaders is to help shape a positive culture in organisations and creating an optimal environment to get the best out of every individual and the team as a whole.​ Having a clear vision of the culture we are trying to nurture and awareness of how best to embed the behaviour to achieve this requires effective leadership.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

At the summit, we will look to bring these themes to life through two separate case studies. One through Author Holly Ranson whose research seeks to provide a framework for future leaders to create meaningful impact in their environment. Secondly, a case study from sport and an organisation with one of the most renowned cultures.


In recent times, we have seen some excellent work to support the wellbeing of athletes. However, the focus on the wellbeing of coaches and other high performance staff has been somewhat overlooked. We are now at a crossroads and are beginning to see high profile stories of burnout and mental health strain on those responsible for supporting our athletes.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

We will aim to highlight this theme and explore practical insights around how we can support the sustainability of our people, and perhaps most importantly, best practices of what can and is having the most impact.


High performance sport is a complex landscape, which naturally experiences a lot of change. Transformational change in particular is often triggered by alterations in an organisation’s environment and those that are able to manage it effectively,

What will be discussed at the Summit?

At the Summit we will look to dedicate a section of the event exploring transformational change from a high performance sport context, as well as dovetailing this with some insight from the world of academia through the work of Jen Overbeck from the Melbourne Business School, providing us with research and frameworks that can be applied to your environment.


Leading sporting organisations are always thinking about the makeup of their environment to support the development of its talent, considering themes such as specific support required for the athlete, the experience they receive and the design of programmes to meet individual needs.

What will be discussed at the Summit?

To provide a different perspective, we will explore a world-leading talent development environment from outside of sport to benchmark their approach versus the current approaches in high performance sport – what are the similarities, what are the differences?