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7 Apr 2023 Article

Meet Synergy, the Analytics Resource that Proved Indispensable During March Madness

6 Apr 2023 Podcast

The People Behind the Tech: MT Eisner – Kitman Labs

31 Mar 2023 Article

How TRACAB Is Bringing Tracking Tech to Horse Racing

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24 Mar 2023 Article

How The Zone App Will Support the Wellness of Student-Athletes in the Big East Conference

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17 Mar 2023 Article

Why George Gerwin’s Lawsuit Against Ralph Lauren Could Have Implications for Athlete Data and NIL Rights

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10 Mar 2023 Article

‘We’re Starting to See Bat-Tracking in Youth Baseball’ – Greg Olsen Talks Tech in the NFL and Beyond

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3 Mar 2023 Article

‘I Would Get a Little Nervous Before I Went to Sleep at 1:00am’ – Basketball Player Aliyah Boston on Using an Oura Ring

2 Mar 2023 Podcast

The People Behind the Tech Podcast: Daniel Guzman – 3X4 Genetics

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24 Feb 2023 Article

How F1 Technology Made its Way into Field Hockey

22 Feb 2023 Article

How the VAR Environment Is Designed to Support Optimal Decision Making in the Bundesliga

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