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Human Performance

8 Mar 2023 Article

From Sprinting to the Bobsleigh – How My Recovery Needs Changed, by Dual Olympian Montell Douglas

2 Mar 2023 Podcast

The People Behind the Tech Podcast: Daniel Guzman – 3X4 Genetics

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21 Feb 2023 Article

Our Athletes Are Not Always in Tune with their Bodies, But Help Is at Hand

16 Feb 2023 Podcast

Performance Perspectives: Balancing the Emotional and Rational in Performance Support

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1 Feb 2023 Article

Exploring the AIS’s Mental Health Referral Network

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19 Jan 2023 Article

Striking the Balance Between Wellbeing and Performance

10 Jan 2023 Article

Are Coaches Too Dogmatic About their Methods?

9 Jan 2023 Article

How Can you Harness Athletes’ Appetite for Mental Health Support?

5 Jan 2023 Podcast

Performing Under Pressure: ‘You Don’t Need a “Get Out of Jail Card” if you Haven’t Ended up in Jail in the First Place’

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21 Dec 2022 Article

What Performance Trends Will we See in 2023?

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