Are Leaders Born or Made?

– 1:39 mins

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They inspire people with absolute clarity of focus – clarity on goals, strategy and standards. They engage people at a personal level, building trust and a feeling of belonging. They have great personal impact when speaking.
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They believe in people’s potential, give them autonomy and have the skills to draw out, develop and focus their talents.
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They instil a culture of collaboration, galvanising people across silos behind a shared purpose. They create an environment of psychological safety and trust, where people debate ideas and support each other.
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They possess high levels of self-awareness and self-management. They create the right impact at the right time, staying composed and consistent under pressure.

Our approach to create world-class leaders

Insights on best practice and knowledge are powerful, but they are not enough in the journey to achieving the full potential of leaders.

Too often leadership development support stops at knowledge. People leave with a positive intent to shift their behaviour, but little if anything changes. In our experience, making a sustained shift in our impact and effectiveness as leaders requires a heavy focus on experiential learning, practice and feedback.

Leadership is no different to any other skill. Achieving a high level of mastery depends on combining self-awareness against a benchmark of best practice, with purposeful practice in a safe environment.

The programme

Over the course of a 16-week programme, the Leadership Skills Programme provides an immersive experience, from the workshops themselves to the programme support before, during and after each workshop.


  • 5 virtual or in-person workshops over the ‘16-week programme’ that include;
  • Case studies from a world class network of speakers and high-performance experts, gleaning insights from real life experiences, both from inside and outside of sport.
  • Coaching to hone practical skills that will provide your leaders with the ability to manage high performing individuals and teams.
  • Peer integration from different sports and countries in the industry to diversify the discussion and thinking within the group.

Programme support

Regular support across the 16-week programme that includes;

  • Recommended content ahead of each workshop to deepen learning around leadership skills covered in the series.
  • Insights, actions and key takeaways after each workshop.
  • Regular calls with your leaders to uncover any knowledge gaps and provide additional content to support their learning.
  • 5 x connections to leaders across the Leaders Performance Institute to receive insights into different leadership styles.

Find out more

To find out more about the Leadership Skills Programme and discuss your Learning & Development objectives in more detail, please get in touch.

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