Navigating Your Way Through Major Competitions: A snapshot from Olympic, Paralympic and elite team sports



Are you ready to take your team on tour? Or are you adequately prepared for your next major competition? In answering those questions we seek to give you something to ponder in this Performance Special Report, brought to you by our Main Partners Keiser. In this pages, we explore how training camps can be used to capitalise on a team’s collective knowledge and how trips can be used to develop a team’s sense of belonging. We also turn our lens to contingency planning on tour and the considerations that make for a smart debrief afterwards.

Complete this form to access your free copy of Navigating Your Way Through Major Competitions, which features insights from Swimming Australia, the Lawn Tennis Association, Wales Rugby, Athletics Australia and Hockey Ireland. Each has teams competing in major tournaments this year, and all are bound to give you something to think about in your future projects.

Ioan Cunningham

Head Coach
Wales Women’s Rugby Union Team

Lisa Jacob

Director of High Performance
Hockey Ireland

Victoria Moore

Head of Performance Support & Solutions
Athletics Australia

Rohan Taylor

Head Coach
Swimming Australia

Kate Warne-Holland

Uner-14 Girls Group Captain
Lawn Tennis Association

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