Human Performance, Performance | Mar 27, 2019
The Director of Strength & Conditioning at the Ski & Snowboard Club Vail talks us through his work with some of the greatest athletes in winter sport.

Welcome to the first in a new series of podcasts from the Leaders Performance Institute and our partners Keiser.

By John Portch

Over the next few months you’ll hear from human performance experts from around the world, discussing best practice, the role of technology and what the future of training and rehabilitation might look like.

In this first episode we sat down with Jimmy Pritchard, who is Director of Strength and Conditioning at the renowned Ski & Snowboard Club Vail in Colorado.

He discusses the club’s recent affiliation with US Ski & Snowboard and the variety of champion athletes it has hosted, including Lindsay Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin as well as Sidney Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins.

Also on the agenda were:

  • Pritchard’s typical working week [7:50];
  • The energy systems of winter sports athletes [11:10];
  • The importance of understanding training age [12:22];
  • The use of internal and external cueing in S&C [15:40];
  • Pritchard’s biggest lesson in S&C [20:15].

For nearly four decades, Keiser has influenced the training of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts worldwide with better fitness products that unite both components of human performance: the force you produce, and the speed at which you produce it.

More than 80% of the top professional sports teams in the world now train on Keiser machines, including every baseball team in the major leagues, the soccer champions of nine countries, several American football champions and countless Olympians.

They’re joined by everyone from NASA to Navy SEALs, medical experts and rehabilitation specialists, and major gyms like LA Fitness.

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