Taking on an Invisible Rival: What the World of Elite Sport Can Learn from the NCAA’s Approach to Gambling Harm Prevention

We all know a story of an athlete or coach affected by gambling harm.

In this Performance Special Report, which is brought to you by our Partners EPIC Global Solutions, we detail the urgency with which the National Collegiate Athletic Association [NCAA] is coming to terms with the explosion in sports wagering across the US.

Our contributors, who hail from the NCAA, Clemson and Michigan, tell us why draconian measures of enforcement are only going to get you so far and why all stakeholders should be smarter in their efforts to prevent gambling harm. We also focus on EPIC Global Solutions, who have made lived experience facilitation – presentations by individuals who courageously share their personal experiences related to gambling – the cornerstone of their gambling harm prevention programmes.

Finally, we hear from a lived experience facilitator – a current athlete and former student-athlete in the US – who shares a powerful personal story. The US gambling market serves as a warning to us all.

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