Coaching & Development, Human Performance, Leadership & Culture, Performance | Nov 18, 2019
Interesting conversations from the Leaders Sport Performance Summit, Twickenham, November, 2019.

Burnley manager Sean Dyche | Chelsea manager Emma Hayes | Google’s creativity guru Kirk Vallis | Internationally renowned storyteller Clare Muireann Murphy.

The latest edition of the Leaders Sport Performance Podcast comes from behind the scenes at Twickenham, the home of England Rugby, and, for the first time this year, the flagship London edition of the Leaders Sport Performance Podcast.

On the conversational agenda:

– The Leaders Performance Institute’s Matthew Stone and Luke Whitworth reflect on two days of high impact learning and idea-sharing with event host and performance psychologist Michael Caulfield;

– Sean Dyche and Emma Hayes, managers of Premier League side Burnley and Women’s Super League side Chelsea respectively, share their views on evolving a communication style to fit the different expectations and mindsets of younger players, and the pros and cons of opening up for documentary filmmakers;

– Google’s Global Head of Creative Capability Development explains why a creative mindset is so important for organisations and individuals looking to learn and grow; and shares his tips on how to build creative capability in yourself and in your teams;

– Internationally renowned storyteller Clare Muireann Murphy delivers meaning through the art of telling stories; she explains why it’s the most effective form of coaching, and how to do it like a professional.

Further listening:

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