Coaching & Development, Leadership & Culture | Apr 8, 2020
The Head Coach of the England Netball Roses discusses her ongoing personal coach development and the challenge of creating optimal performance environments.

“Even before my playing career concluded, I’d already started my coaching journey,” says England Netball Roses Head Coach Jess Thirlby.

By John Portch

She continues: “a) I wanted to share my knowledge and b) I really wanted to explore the game. I was fascinated with how many ways you could play the game, coach the game, and go about imparting that knowledge in others and really helping other people to reach their potential.”

Thirlby, who has coached across the domestic and international game for almost two decades, now has the chance to do that with the Roses, as she leads the Commonwealth champions’ defence of their gold medal at the Birmingham Games on home soil in 2022.

In a wide-ranging conversation with the Leaders Performance Podcast, she also discusses:

  • A holistic approach to coaching in the modern game [19:30];
  • Setting her hopes and expectations for the Roses before taking the coaching reins [27:00];
  • The debriefing process after a major competition [42:30];
  • Future-proofing the coach in netball [53:00].

Further listening:

Andy Friend, Head Coach, Connacht Rugby

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