Human Performance | Jun 16, 2014
Pushing the Boundaries of Human Performance

Andy Walshe, High Performance Director of Red Bull, gave an impressive talk about pushing the boundaries of human performance to incredible limits. He spoke of his background since 1997 and the Olympics and of the many athletes that Red Bull is currently supporting in over 180 sports and of the use of technology and innovation to reach unimaginable feats such as putting a man on the edge of space for the world’s highest ever sky drive.

He emphasized that Red Bull is all about making the impossible seem possible, and this is done by creating strategies based on prodynamics and by examining the approaches that create extraordinary performers in all fields including music, technology, even military models of human behavior.

In speaking about high performance, he accentuated that that there are physical attributes or talents that can be built on to create the super athlete by using technology and designing intelligent training plans that constantly challenge the participant, evaluating and re-evaluating the results as well as the process to achieve them.

The training environment is the core of the process where methodologies must be planned in order the produce the desired outcome, using feedback to evaluate progress and push to exceed what were once considered limitations.

The so-called Project Endurance Camp incorporates physical challenges, innovative technologies, data collection and statistics to work with the athlete in body and mind. Both psychological and well as nutritional programs are implemented to create an atmosphere where the athlete begins to believe that he can overcome what he once thought were his limits and for him/her to feel the physical and emotional strength that allows for performance under pressure and mastery of risk to create the confidence and life skills necessary to become a star in extreme sports.

Walshe closed by focusing on the creativity and spirituality of humanity and the need for all of us to go beyond our comfort zone into new realms of human performance. He once again emphasized that to change behavior, first you modify the environment and based on the teachings of ancient philosophy, you engage the human spirit and human brain to overcome the once believed limitations of the human body.

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