Psychology Summit Session | 23.03.16

Summit Session: Mind over matter

Tackling a Slump in form

Session from The Leaders Sport Performance Summit 2015 in New York. 


Trevor Moawad, Mental Conditioning Coach, Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Darren Treasure, Performance Psychology, Nike Oregon Project

Ramel Smith, Team Psychologist, Milwaukee Bucks

Dips in form are inevitable in sport, whether it’s the result of focus, confidence or team dynamics. Yet the mark of a great coach is the ability to turnaround a drop in form fast and often, this is where a leading psychology expert can really make the difference. So what are the different approaches to take with individuals and groups, what has worked and what hasn’t? Three specialists from the field of psychology with years of experience across different sports and industries discuss interventions, re-building confidence and mental preparation in this fascinating panel and share their strategies for overcoming a slump in form.

Leaders Meet: Wellbeing

21 May 2019

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