Human Performance, Performance, Sport Medicine / Science | Dec 6, 2018
Dr David Bach of the Platypus Institute explains why applied neuroscience is going to see early adopters steal a performance edge on their rivals.

“In the next 12 months, you’ll see a transition in neuroscience from something people are putting their toe in the water with to something where they really dive in,” says Dr David Bach. “36 months from now, it’s going to be impossible to compete without it.”

Bach is the Founder & CEO of the Platypus Institute, the applied neuroscience specialists who work with elite sports teams across the globe. Their mission has been to bring scientific rigour to the world of neuroscience as the Platypus Institute develops tools to measure such as aspects as an athlete’s processing speed, reaction times, field of view and ability to find the zone.

In this Leaders Performance Institute Exclusive, Bach explains that the brain is plastic, that it can be rewired for accelerated learning and improved performance – will your team be an early adopter or will you be playing catch-up?

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