Performance | Aug 21, 2019
The Leaders Performance Institute has a new app; character is as important as talent if you want an England cap; the incredible Simone Biles puts the triple-double on the map.

Happy hump day one and all, here’s your bi-weekly amalgamation of what’s happening in the world of high performance. A mash up of lessons, stories insight and inspiration if you will. Get ready, get set…go!

6 questions, answered

1.       Matt, have you guys ever thought about a Leaders Performance Institute app?

Funny you should ask. Exclusively for Individual and Team members, our new Chat App connects you with your peers to challenge thinking and shares insights, spanning all sports and all aspects of performance in a safe environment. Download here for desktop, or in the app store.

2.       What’s more important when selecting your team – talent or character? 

The boring answer is of course both, but England Rugby chief Eddie Jones suggests that character is on a par with talent in his World Cup squad.

Across the pond, the Michigan Wolverines have a pretty thorough selection and recruitment policy, too.

3.       Just how good is Simone Biles?

Incredible, obviously. Here’s a great thread analysing the triple-double on the floor from Suzanne F. Boswell, and another here in WIRED. And here is why it’s so important. Forget the medals, give that woman a crown!

4.       Where in your team organisation should innovation come from?

Everywhere. But, you’d need to foster an environment of collaborative innovation for this to work. Here are three ways to build that culture, with a few pointers from DARPA.

5.       Is there a latin phrase that will help me to manage problems?

Solvitur ambulando.

6.       Any further speakers announced for the Sport Performance Summit on November 12-13?

Indeed there are. We’re thrilled to welcome award-winning author Matthew Syed, and The Football Association’s Kate Baker. All our speakers and info on what will be happening at Twickenham can be found here. Let us know if you can make it…

If you’re a member and can make the event – click here to let Saira know.

If you’re not a member but want to come – click here to email Matt.

The Digest, Digested

It’s a numbers game

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…to curb your procrastination

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leadership books of all time

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…a strong professional relationship

8 questions to ask someone…
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8 ways that companies…
…get work done, and how to align them

Window Shopping
The English transfer window slammed shut a couple of weeks back, but who were the winners and losers? London-based investment company Carteret Analytics have a good grasp on the market and how it should work, at least.

Smart ass
No I mean it, you could actually have a smart…ass. If you have a wound on it you could at least – researchers at Herriot-Watt University are creating smart sensors that listen to healing wounds, which will in turn improve recovery.

And on the topic of tech aiding recovery, the world of Esports is focusing more and more on how to improve the performance of their athletes.
But what does it take to become an Esports superstar? Quality, not quantity, it seems.

Misery loves company
Unhappy staff? Data could help. I’ll leave you with this link, and this quote: ‘The key is to listen to what data has to say — and develop the openness and interpretive skills to understand what it is telling us.’

No kidding
Kids aren’t playing enough sport. Why you may ask? The cost. The Aspen Institute found the average amount of spending on sport was approximately $692. That’s per child, per sport and per year.

There’s no I in team
But there is in ‘self-improving’. So, building a set of staff or athletes that want to improve is difficult. Getting them to do it themselves is ever harder. Every team is different, but you as a leader play a vital role in making the team better.

But why may some teams underperform and not improve? Collective intelligence may have something to do with it.

Mental Health – let’s talk about it.


How could this not be Simone Biles in some shape or form this week? Here she is again in glorious slow motion. A work of art.


You’ll know it’s England vs. Australia in The Ashes at the moment. More importantly, Lords went #RedForRuth on Thursday. Here’s the great man Andrew Strauss talking about it, and why it’s such an important cause. Well done to all involved.


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