Performance | Sep 8, 2021
A human performance series to enjoy for 10 weeks; a respectful leader will help a team reach their peaks; create an environment for athletes to hone their techniques.

Hello. Salve. Sveiki! We hope you’ve had a great start to your week, wherever you may be. Just like the Olympics a few weeks back, how incredible are those Paralympians that have been battling it out in Tokyo for the last two weeks? I’ve been in complete awe – thank you and congratulations to all involved!

By Matthew Stone

In collaboration with our partners Keiser, over the next 10 weeks we’ll be taking a deep-dive into human performance via our Athlete Optimisation Series. There will be dedicated Virtual-Roundtables, Special Reports and other exclusive new content starting with a webinar next week run in collaboration with our partners at Science in Sport. Watch this space…

Here’s another compilation of news, insights and stories from across high performance. Grab your brew, take a pew and enjoy the view!

4 questions, answered 

1. Matt – what’s this webinar you mentioned in the intro?

On 16 September at 4pm BST / 11am EST we’ll be hosting a webinar in partnership with Science in Sport discussing Using Nutrition to Optimise Athlete Performance. Interested? You can register here. We’d love for you to join us.

2. What happened inside the Leaders Performance Institute in August? 

Here’s a summary of the key learnings from our members across the last month.

3. You’ve built a racially diverse team. But have you built an inclusive culture?

If not, here are three research-backed strategies to help you do so.

4. How do you win at life?

Maybe listen to a sport psychologist. They may be able to teach us a thing or two.

It’s a numbers game

6 considerations when…

… seeking to understand ‘the Self’

3 ideas for…

team building

6 principles to build…

… your company’s strategic agility

2 must-read…

books before the end of summer

10 Paralympians…

… who have made history this year

Covid Corner – we’re getting there, slowly but surely…

Best behaviour

Jamie Young, a goalkeeper in the A-League who previously had playing stints over here in England, is conducting research into the coach-athlete relationship for his PhD. Just because you know how to play the game, it doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to motivate people.

Athletes of tomorrow

The environments you work in won’t just consist of athletes from one generation, it will consist of many, so you need a tailored approach to each. Athletes are different, so create an environment that balances how they are, what’s important and what they need.

Golden Games

How were Australia so successful in Tokyo? Governance and high performance shake-ups.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion – let’s do something about it

Mental health and wellbeing – let’s talk about it


You may not have seen, but our latest Performance Journal has been published. You can read our cover piece with Gareth Southgate alongside other insights from New Zealand Rugby, Arizona Diamondbacks, Team GB and more right here.


A little left field, but this is the incredible story of Bertrand Gachot, and in turn Michael Schumacher


Concussion Protocols will never be enough in sport but, as our Partners Aviv Clinics explain, treatment is available to athletes past and present. Their hyperbaric oxygen protocol is proving to be a game-changing therapy.

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