Human Performance, Performance, Sport Medicine / Science | Jan 16, 2019
The Professor of Performance Science at the Royal College of Music discusses the challenge of helping musicians learn in the spotlight.

What role does science have in creating great art? This is the question that the Centre for Performance [CPS] Science at the Royal College of Music [RCM] continually attempts to answer and it was with this in mind that we sat down with Aaron Williamon, Professor of Performance Science at the RCM, for the latest edition of the Leaders Performance Podcast.

By John Portch

Williamon, who spoke onstage at the 2018 Leaders Sport Performance Summit in November, invited us into his office to discuss how the RCM is seeking to redefine musical performance by taking a holistic approach to talent development that takes into consideration both the physical and mental aspects of performance. He says: “The objective is pushed along by trying to get people to practice their performing, to learn in the spotlight.”

Also on the agenda were:

  • The constant redefinition of the upper limits of human intellectual and motor capability [10:55];
  • The physical and psychological performance stressors that can impact on performance [15:25];
  • Environmental and interpersonal catalysts that influence a performer’s path to greatness [19:43];
  • The distributed interactive performance simulations offered by the CPS [30:08];
  • Why the greats are able to balance personal conviction with audience expectations [48:29];

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