Coaching & Development, Data & Innovation, Human Performance, Performance | Nov 15, 2018
Musings from the LTA, Cirque du Soleil and the winner of the inaugural Innovation Lab, Track160.

That’s a wrap for the latest Leaders Sport Performance Summit at London’s Kia Oval. The great and the good of world sport and performance gathered in south London to share best practice insights behind leadership and culture, data & analytics as well as human performance.

By John Portch

Weaving in and out of the corridors were the Leaders Performance Institute’s David Cushnan and James Emmett, who joined us on loan from our sister podcast, the Leaders Sport Business Podcast. The duo rounded up a retinue of speakers, delegates and one very special competition winner who hear their instant take on the events spanning both days.

In this special edition you will hear from:

– Tom Markham, Head of Strategic Business Development at Sports Interactive, who opens up on Football Manager’s status as a ‘breath of fresh air in a world of vested interests’;

– Anne Keovathong, Great Britain Fed Cup Captain, who discusses the advent of data-driven decision making in tennis;

– Craig Ranson, Director of Athlete Health at the English Institute of Sport, who takes us through the organisation’s strategic focus on mental health and wellbeing initiatives;

– Sam Robertson, Head of Research & Innovation at the Western Bulldogs, who spoke onstage and doubled up as a judge for the inaugural Innovation Lab in association with Formula E;

– Miky Tamir, Chairman and Co-Founder of Track160 – our very first winners at the Innovation Lab – who outlines the Israeli startup’s background and hopes for the future;

– Simon Timson, Performance Director at the LTA, who reveals the most rewarding aspects of his work;

– Véronique Richard, a Mental Performance consultant who sometimes works with Cirque du Soleil, wraps things up with some reflections on her speaking slot and the importance of risk-friendly environments across elite performance.

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Ep 36: Mike Brey & Matt Painter

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