Leadership & Culture, Performance | Jul 21, 2021
Exploring current views on leadership, including the scaling of culture, engendering trust, and taking difficult decisions based on clear evidence.

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By John Portch

“If an athlete’s shocked or surprised with a selection or de-selection, then I haven’t really done my job well.”

Paula Dunn, the Paralympics Head Coach at British Athletics, is discussing her approach to difficult conversations with the Leaders Performance Podcast. “I should have been in contact with that person, having open conversation and understanding where they are, if they have any issues.”

In the latest edition of the podcast, which is brought to you by our Main Partners Keiser, Dunn is joined by:

– Aston Villa Manager Dean Smith discussing his development as a leader and the scalability of culture [from 3:00];

– Performance psychologist Michael Caulfield reflecting on his role as host of the recent Virtual Leaders Meet: the Evolution of Leadership and the qualities of modern leaders [from 14:00];

– British Athletics’ Paralympics Head Coach Paula Dunn talking about the vulnerability of the leader and her approach to decision making [24:25].

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