Leaders Performance Podcast: Shaun Huls & Phil Coles

Is there a surefire way of persuading coaches to buy into the concept of high performance staff?

“It is important to learn the ‘end state’ for the coach,” says Shaun Huls. “It is not about my numbers.” The Director of High Performance at the Philadelphia Eagles, winners of Super Bowl LII, was speaking onstage at the 2016 Leaders Sport Performance Summit in New York.

By John Portch

Huls sat alongside Phil Coles, who is the Head of the Athletic Department at the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, as they delved into the important impact a high performance department can have on injury prevention and rehab at an organisation – once the coach and the management understand their value. Other topics up for discussion included:

  • The lessons Huls learnt from working with US Navy SEALs and those Coles brought from his time in Australian rugby and the English Premier League;
  • The nation that injuries most often stem from the actions of coaches and athletes themselves;
  • Overcoming the resistance of coaching staffs with extensive experience in any given sport;
  • The dangers of ‘mission creep’ for high performance staffs;
  • The use of data in modern sport;

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