Coaching & Development, Data & Innovation, Performance | Jul 23, 2019
Navigating the Data Maze: From Raw Numbers to Valuable Insights

Welcome to the latest Leaders Performance Institute Performance Special Report, the series in which we aim to collate best practice insights from across the world of elite sport.

The focus for this edition is the role of data and analytics in a high performance context: what is their place and where can they make the biggest difference?

Athletes and teams are being measured in more ways than ever, with the increasing number of metrics allowing greater sophistication in the conversations around athlete health and wellbeing, as well as desired performance outcomes. This stems from a sense that after years and years of data collection, teams and organisations are starting to recruit the expertise to interpret the data and extrapolate the meaning from what seemed like white noise.

Modern analytics has the power to make the difference at the top, not necessarily in terms of the Moneyball idea of unearthing hidden gems in the trade and free agency markets, but in terms of such factors as preparation, training, health and recovery. Yet for each of these to be realised, the data scientist needs to understand that data and analytics in a high performance setting is but one tool at the coach or athlete’s disposal.

The focus of these four chapters is how one can amplify the messages that data tell us so that they resonate and demonstrate value, even in the most sceptical environment. None of the panel introduced below felt that data and analytics were the centrepiece of any performance conversation. Rather, their focus is illustrating the utility of an analytics-based approach while coming to understand and empathise with the people behind the numbers, the spreadsheets or the bar graphs. Here the Leaders Performance Institute presents a snapshot of their approach for your consideration.


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