Guest Speaker, Performance | Apr 8, 2019
Leinster Senior Coach Stuart Lancaster explains that your value as a leader increases the more you are able to give it to your athletes, coaches and support staff.

“Leadership is not just about leading the masses – it’s about leading individuals. It’s about getting hold of people who work for you, spending time with them, making them feel valued, and seeing them grow.”

Stuart Lancaster, Senior Coach at Leinster, delivers eight key tips on building great relationships as a leader in sport.

They are:

  1. Create mutual wins for all parties in the relationship.
  2. Do this by making people feel cared for, giving them recognition and regular encouragement and development.
  3. If you give trust you will get trust.
  4. Understand your power as a leader increases as you give it away.
  5. Your listening to talking ratio has to be weighted in favour of listening. People have to feel their voice counts.
  6. Make sure you give your full attention to someone.
  7. Personalise recognition.
  8. Spend at least 15 minutes a day learning about the people that you lead.

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