Guest Speaker Performance | 25.02.19

Lessons With Lancaster: Building Your Leadership Philosophy

Leinster Senior Coach Stuart Lancaster muses on the art of great leadership in elite sport.

Stuart Lancaster could not be clearer: “Leadership is about making others better as result of your presence and making sure that the impact lasts in your absence.”

The Leinster Senior Coach is musing on the topic of leadership philosophies and the approach an aspiring leader should take in this latest edition of Lessons With Lancaster.

Lancaster says: “You’ve got to be able to stand for something, be clear in your mind what your position is, and have the ability to make systematic decisions.”

On the agenda are the important distinctions between leading, coaching and managing as well as the need for leaders to create a culture, culture to drive behaviour and behaviour to produce results.

Lancaster is speaking from experience in this essential edition to the Lessons With Leaders series.

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