Coaching & Development, Leadership & Culture, Performance | Jan 17, 2019
Stuart Lancaster of Leinster Rugby runs us through 20 tips acquired from his time in the sports performance space.

“The bottom line with ‘charisma’,” says Stuart Lancaster, “is that you don’t need to be gorgeous, a genius or masterful orator to possess presence – you just need to be positive, believe in yourself and focus on others – you have to make others feel what you feel.”

‘Charisma’ is the third point as Lessons with Lancaster continues with the Senior Coach with European Champions Leinster runs through 20 tips for leaders when it comes to effective communication with your athletes, coaches and support staff.

Gleaned from his time within rugby both during the good days and, as he freely admits, the bad days, Lancaster has seen a variety of approaches to leadership and witnessed the most effective leaders exhibiting empathy for their charges, while also demonstrating a curiosity for learning and a willingness to admit to mistakes.

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