Guest Speaker, Performance | Apr 2, 2019
Leinster Senior Coach Stuart Lancaster delves into the themes of mastery, modelling, mentoring and the importance of controlling your mood.

Stuart Lancaster kicks things off this week with a question: is it possible for a young leader to enter a profession and work their way up the ladder to become the No 1?

The Leinster Senior Coach certainly think so and goes on to explain why with reference to four concepts:

  1. Mastery – the ability to value what you do. Such success you experience builds your self-belief and helps convince you that you have what it takes.
  2. Modelling – seek out people similar to you who mastered the requisite skills and challenges.
  3. Mentoring – find a suitable mentor who can act as you trusted advisor.
  4. Mood – this comes from the emotional and physical feedback you experience but you can adopt a positive approach.

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