Guest Speaker Performance | 11.03.19

Lessons With Lancaster: Understanding Emotional Intelligence Part I

This week Lancaster shifts the focus to the personal competences that make a great leader.

“Great leaders move us. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us,” begins Stuart Lancaster, in his latest assessment of good leadership.

“When we try to explain why they are so effective, we speak of strategy, vision or powerful ideas, but the reality is much simpler – great leadership works through emotions.”

Underpinning those emotions is a sense of empathy – or emotional intelligence – that is not easy to develop.

Lancaster himself, who has coached the England men’s rugby union team and is currently serving as Senior Coach of European champions Leinster admits it is something he is still trying to improve in.

In this latest instalment, Lancaster looks at tricks and tips to ensure your coaching voice is resonant, not dissonant.

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