Coaching & Development, Performance | Nov 28, 2019
How to find the learning and coaching sweet spot between the athlete, coach and parents.

“We’ve used tennis as the platform but really this is a book for sports parents, sports coaches. It’s for athletes who really want to understand how they can create a much more successful life as well as be a successful athlete.”

By John Portch

Simon Wheatley recently co-authored with Keith Humphrey a book called The Sweet Spot: Unleashing Potential in Tennis Coaches, Players & Parents.

It is going down a treat in the tennis community and he recently spoke to the Leaders Performance Institute about their reasons for writing what is effectively a coaching manual and the ways in which it could prove to be valuable tool elsewhere in elite sport.

Over the course of the conversation Wheatley discusses:

  • The ‘magic of three’ as a development trio of athlete, coach and parents [from 3:00];
  • The four main types of learning style and their coaching implications [15:00];
  • Single, double and triple-loop learning [20:00];
  • Creating contracts of agreement between players, coaches and parents [35:00];
  • Push and pull behaviours in coaching [41:00].

Further listening:

Behind the Scenes at Leaders – London, 2019

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